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Casing Condenser

Casing Condenser made in China. It is a water-cooled condenser made of tubes of different diameters sleeved together and bent into a spiral or serpentine shape. Refrigerant vapor condenses between the casing, the condensate is led out from below, and the cooling water flows from bottom to top in the pipe with smaller diameter, and the refrigerant becomes countercurrent, so the heat transfer effect is better.
Casing Condenser is a device used to condense vapors into liquids and is widely used in various industrial applications. It lowers the temperature by absorbing heat energy, thus enabling the transformation of a substance from a gas to a liquid.

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Product Description

One of the common types of condenser is the Casing Condenser, which consists of a shell, liner and tubing. The shell is usually made of metal, which has good corrosion resistance and sealing properties. The interior is made of materials such as stainless steel or copper to ensure its high thermal conductivity.

In practice, Casing Condensers work by introducing vapor from an evaporator into the piping, which is then brought into contact with a cooling medium (such as water or air) and condensed into a liquid. During this process, the vapor releases a large amount of heat, which is transferred to the surface of the cooling medium, lowering its temperature.
In order to ensure that the condensation process goes smoothly, it is necessary to select the appropriate cooling medium and cooling method. For example, for high-temperature and high-pressure occasions, water can be used as the cooling medium; while for low-temperature and low-pressure occasions, compressed air or other gases can be used as the cooling medium.
In addition, the cooling medium can be heated and cooled using forced circulation to improve condensation efficiency. In addition to improving condensation efficiency and quality, proper design and material selection can also extend the service life of the Casing Condenser. For example, the use of corrosion-resistant materials can reduce the damage caused by corrosion, while a reasonable structural design can make the Casing Condenser more stable and safe.

In conclusion, as an important industrial equipment, Casing Condenser can effectively complete the conversion of substances from gaseous state to liquid state and provide stable production conditions for related industries.

China Casing Condenser factory. Casing Condenser features:

1.Cooling water is not contaminated by secondary steam and can be recycled.
2.Because the water in the Casing Condenser is a closed loop without water impact sound, not like the cooling water used by the water jet exposed to the outside of the water impact sound.
3.Not subject to the constraints of space height limitations, can be installed vertically or horizontally, unlike the atmospheric condenser by the limitations of space height (atmospheric condenser installation height of 10.5m or more).
4.The cooling effect is not worse than the direct condenser, and easy to self-control.

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