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  • Casing Condenser made in China. It is a water-cooled condenser made of tubes of different diameters sleeved together and bent into a spiral or serpentine shape. Refrigerant vapor condenses between the casing, the condensate is led out from below, and the cooling water flows from bottom to top in the pipe with smaller diameter, and the refrigerant becomes countercurrent, so the heat transfer effect is better.
    Casing Condenser is a device used to condense vapors into liquids and is widely used in various industrial applications. It lowers the temperature by absorbing heat energy, thus enabling the transformation of a substance from a gas to a liquid.

  • Shell And Tube Condenser made in China. Shell And Tube Condenser is a device used to convert vapors into liquids. As hot gases pass through a condenser, they come into contact with the surrounding cooling medium (such as water or air) and release heat to lower the temperature. This process is called condensation. Shell And Tube Condenser usually consists of a housing and an internal line. A cooling liquid flows in the line, which absorbs the heat emitted from the gas and allows the gas to condense into a liquid. The cooling liquid can be water, brine or other chemicals to suit different applications.

  • Chinese manufacturer Refrigeration Unit Sight Glass. It’s a kind of instrument used to detect the water content in refrigerant. It’s main function is to determine whether the water content in the refrigerant exceeds the limit by observing the color change of the Refrigeration Unit Sight Glass. This instrument usually has an indicator that shows the water content and a corresponding warning signal to alert the user. When there is too much water in the refrigerant, it absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and causes the temperature to rise. Therefore, the use of a Refrigeration Unit Sight Glass can help the user to identify the problem and make adjustments in a timely manner.
    The Refrigeration Unit Sight Glass is a very useful tool to effectively monitor the operation of the refrigeration system and provide timely warning information to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the user's comfort experience.

  • Chinese manufacturer Refrigeration Viewing Mirror. It’s an instrument designed for the purpose of troubleshooting, maintenance and safe operation by observing the appearance and state of liquid. When the refrigeration unit is running, the liquid-viewing mirror will change with the temperature and the corresponding physical reaction, so as to show whether the liquid contains water or other impurities. If the color of the liquid Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is found to have obvious changes, it means that the liquid contains too much water or other substances, which need to be dealt with in time. Therefore, the Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit is one of the important tools.

  • A Refrigeration Screw Compressor made in China is a key component that drives the entire system by converting thermal energy into mechanical energy.
    1.Principle of operation: The refrigerant absorbs heat and expands during compression, creating a pressure differential. This process pushes the piston to move and drives the fan to rotate, moving air and cooling objects in the room.

  • Refrigeration Semi-Hermetic Compressor It is a common type of refrigeration equipment that raises the temperature and pressure of a gas or liquid by compressing it. This type of compressor is usually used in applications that require cooling such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Refrigeration Semi-Hermetic Compressors are relatively simple to make, less costly and easier to maintain than totally hermetic compressors.

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