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You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Sanheng Pressure Regulator. We look forward to cooperating with you. The SKVP regulator serves multiple functions within refrigeration systems:It ensures a consistent evaporation pressure, maintaining a steady evaporator surface temperature. The regulator's control is adjustable via throttling in the suction line, enabling the refrigerant flow to match the evaporator load.It prevents the evaporation pressure from dropping too low, safeguarding against issues like evaporator freezing in chillers. The regulator automatically closes when the evaporator pressure falls below the preset value.In refrigeration setups featuring multiple evaporators with varying evaporation pressures for one compressor, the SKVP regulator proves versatile and adaptable to such configurations.
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  • SANHENG SKVC Hot Gas Bypass Regulator factory in China. The SKVC energy regulator is used to regulate the compressor's cooling capacity to match the load on the evaporator. the XKVC energy regulator is installed in the bypass line between the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side of the refrigeration system, and it can be used to replace part of the load by sending hot/cold gas from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side through the bypass line, so that the compressor's suction pressure does not fall below the minimum limit value.

  • SANHENG SKVL-12/15/22/28/35 Crankcase Pressure Regulator manufacturers in China. If the suction pressure becomes too high, Crankcase Pressure Regulator will limit the operation and start-up of the compressor. It is installed in the suction line of the refrigeration system immediately before the compressor. SKVL is commonly used in refrigeration systems with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed compressors designed for low temperature conditions. The SKVL Crankcase Pressure Regulator will open when the outlet pressure (suction pressure) drops.

  • SANHENG SKVR-12/15/22/28/35 Condensing Pressure Regulator factory with high quality in China. The SKVR is normally installed between the air-cooled condenser and the liquid reservoir. the SKVR maintains a constant pressure in the air-cooled condenser. the KVR opens when the inlet pressure (condensate pressure) increases.

  • SANHENG quality SKVP Evaporator Pressure Regulator in stock. The SKVP evaporator pressure regulator is installed on the suction line at the back of the evaporator and is used for:
    1. Maintain a constant evaporation pressure to ensure a constant evaporator surface temperature. The control of the regulator is adjustable by throttling in the suction line so that the flow of refrigerant matches the load of the evaporator.
    2. Prevent the evaporation pressure from being too low (for example, prevent the evaporator from freezing in the chiller). The regulator closes when the evaporator pressure is below the set value.
    3. The SKVP regulator can also be used in refrigeration systems with two or more evaporators with different evaporation pressures for one compressor.

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