Ball Valve

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Sanheng Ball Valve. A ball valve is a type of shutoff valve used to control the flow of a medium (liquid or gas) by using a rotating ball with a bore. They are one of the most common valves due to their simple operation, reliability, long service life, and wide range of applications. Ball valves can be operated manually or with the help of an electric or pneumatic actuator for remote automated operations.

You can select the proper ball valve type depending on the application and available electrical/pneumatic input. Most commonly, ball valves can be 2-way or 3-way.The most common housing materials for ball valves are stainless steel, brass, and PVC.

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  • Chinese manufacturer SANHENG SBV(E) Ball Valve For Refrigeration Unit in stock. Outdoor refrigeration unit as the core component of the whole refrigeration system, its importance is self-evident. The Ball Valve With Charging Port is one of the important devices to control the switching and flow of the refrigeration unit. Therefore, choosing the right Ball Valve For Refrigeration Unit is a very important aspect for outdoor refrigeration units.
    Generally speaking, high-quality ball valves have good sealing performance, pressure resistance and stability, which can effectively prevent leakage and failure. At the same time, the material and structural design of the ball valve should also be considered whether it meets the requirements of the actual application to ensure its long-term reliable working condition.

  • SANHENG suppliers SBV(E) Ball Valve For Cold Storage . It’s an important component used in refrigeration systems to control the flow and temperature of the system. Copper ball valves have better corrosion resistance and sealing performance, so they are more suitable for use in low temperature environments. Ball Valve For Cold Storage used in cold storage have good pressure resistance and anti-freezing performance. The internal structure of the ball valve is designed to allow fluid to pass smoothly through the valve while maintaining stable pressure and temperature control.

  • SANHENG SBV(E) Ball Valve Refrigeration System manufacturers in China. It’s a device used to control the flow of refrigerant and adjust the flow and pressure of the refrigeration system. It’s usually composed of a sealing ring and a rotating sphere, which can be turned to change the opening of the valve, so as to achieve the control and adjustment of the liquid and gas in the refrigeration system. In refrigerated refrigeration systems, ball valves are mainly used to control the flow direction and flow of coolants, refrigerants and other related fluids and to maintain the pressure balance of the system. By correctly selecting and controlling the diameter and position of the ball, you can ensure that the system can operate efficiently and maintain the appropriate temperature.

  • SANHENG SBV-10S/12S/16S/19S/22S Refrigerant Ball Valve manufacturers in China. It’s mainly used in refrigeration and air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration equipment, and it is a component for controlling fluid access and break. It adopts the segmented valve stem and composite seal combined design, improve the valve opening and working tightness; Valve body screw connection seal, plus welded connection seal, eliminate the hidden danger of leakage of traditional ball valve body; The setting of automatic compression inner seal mechanism eliminates the internal leakage caused by static compression permanent deformation and wear of the inner seal; Refrigerant Ball Valve has the characteristics of reasonable design and novel structure.

Sanheng is a professional Ball Valve manufacturer and supplier in China, known for its excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can produce high-quality Ball Valve. Our products not only come with discounts but also offer cheap prices. We can also provide you with a price list. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable, long-term business partner!
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