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Maintenance of refrigeration system


1. Operation Unit: to often observe the compressor oil surface and back oil and oil cleanliness, found dirty or oil surface drop to be resolved in time, so as not to cause poor lubrication.

2. For air-cooled unit: to clean the air-cooled unit to maintain a good state of heat transfer. 

For water-cooled unit: to always check the degree of turbidity of cooling water, such as cooling water is too dirty, to be replaced. Check the water supply system for bubbling, leaking, dripping and leakage. Whether the pump is working properly, whether the valve switch is effective, and whether the cooling tower. Whether the fan is normal or not.

 For the air-cooled unit: often check the condenser scaling problems, to remove scale in time.

3. For the evaporator air-cooled machine: to often check the defrosting, defrosting is timely and effective, will affect the refrigeration effect, resulting in the refrigeration system of the liquid back.

4. Often observe the running state of the compressor, check its exhaust temperature, in the seasonal operation, to pay special attention to the running state of the system, adjust the system in time for liquid supply and condensation temperature. 

5. Listen carefully to the compressor, cooling tower, pump or condenser fan running sound: find abnormal timely treatment, and check the compressor, exhaust pipe and foot vibration. 

6. The maintenance of the compressor: the initial system of poor internal cleanliness, in the operation after 30 days to replace the refrigerated oil and dry filter, in the operation after half a year to replace again (according to actual conditions) . For a high degree of cleanliness of the system, the operation after six months to replace a frozen oil and dry filter, depending on the situation.

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