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Sanheng Refrigeration Valve


A refrigeration solenoid valve is a valve specially designed for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to regulate the flow of refrigerant gas in the system. This type of control valve is usually controlled by an electronic module or controller, which sends a signal to the valve, based on sensor readings and other system inputs.

The valve is composed of various components, such as a housing, valve seat, and a plunger with spring-loading. When the valve receives a signal, the plunger moves, thereby opening or closing the flow path between the inlet and outlet ports of the valve. Depending on the specific application, the valve can function in different modes, such as constant flow, variable flow, or on/off mode.

Refrigeration solenoid valves are mainly employed for controlling refrigerants like R22, R134A, and Freon in various applications such as chillers, freezers, and air conditioners requiring accurate control of refrigerant flow.
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