Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve
  • Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid ValveNormally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve
  • Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid ValveNormally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve
  • Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid ValveNormally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve

Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve

SANHENG Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve manufacturers in China. This solenoid valve is a two-position two-normally open solenoid valve. The valve opens when the power is off and closes when the power is on. It is widely used in automatic control of refrigeration, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This series of solenoid valves are the solenoid valves with lead diaphragm structure. The solenoid valves adopt all-plastic encapsulated solenoid coils, which have excellent insulation, waterproof, seismic and corrosion resistance.

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Product Description

SANHENG is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration parts. For many years, we have specialized in the refrigeration industry, offering a wide range of sizes and specifications and it can be customized to meet customer needs. Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve can be used for clod storage units, trucks, etc., and are interfaces that can be threaded, welded, O-Ring customized to meet the customer's requirements. We have a team of specialists to meet you. We use carton packing for shipping, and can use appropriate size of wooden cases for large quantity orders to ensure the safety of the product in long-term transport, preventing extrusion and bump damage. A Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve that closes when energised and opens when de-energised is a control element used in air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment. It’s main function is to control the flow of refrigerant to achieve the regulation and control of refrigeration. When the circuit is energised, the coil generates a magnetic field that attracts or pushes the switch, closing the valve and preventing the flow of refrigerant. And when the circuit is de-energised, the magnetic field of the coil disappears, the switch loses its attraction or push, and the valve opens automatically, allowing the refrigerant to pass through. This kind of Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve has the following features and advantages:

1.automated control: control the switching state of the valve by energising and de-energising, realising the automated operation of making and cooling control.

2.High reliability: It has high reliability because its switching state is directly related to the power supply state; at the same time, it does not need external energy sources, such as pneumatic pressure or hydraulic pressure, which reduces the possibility of failure.

3.Programmability: the switching time and speed of the valve can be programmed by changing the circuit parameters or adjusting the control signal, thus achieving more precise control.

4.Energy saving and environmental protection: By controlling the flow of refrigerant, it can reduce the waste of energy and improve the energy efficiency of the equipment, as well as reduce environmental pollution.

5. Easy to use: this type of Normally Open Refrigeration Solenoid Valve has a simple structure, is easy to install and maintain, and is suitable for refrigeration equipment of various sizes. It should be noted that different refrigeration systems may require different types of refrigeration solenoid valves, it is very important to choose the right model and specifications according to the specific application requirements.

SAE /mm ODF /in.
CK7-03 7 9.52 - 0.8 Diaphragm Type
CK7-03S - 3/8”
CK7-04 12.9 -
CK7-04S - 1/2”
CK10-04 10 12.9 - 1.5
CK10-04S - 1/2”
CK13-05 13 15.8 - 2.2
CK13-05S - 5/8”

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