Refrigerant Ball Valve
  • Refrigerant Ball ValveRefrigerant Ball Valve
  • Refrigerant Ball ValveRefrigerant Ball Valve
  • Refrigerant Ball ValveRefrigerant Ball Valve
  • Refrigerant Ball ValveRefrigerant Ball Valve
  • Refrigerant Ball ValveRefrigerant Ball Valve

Refrigerant Ball Valve

SANHENG SBV-10S/12S/16S/19S/22S Refrigerant Ball Valve manufacturers in China. It’s mainly used in refrigeration and air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration equipment, and it is a component for controlling fluid access and break. It adopts the segmented valve stem and composite seal combined design, improve the valve opening and working tightness; Valve body screw connection seal, plus welded connection seal, eliminate the hidden danger of leakage of traditional ball valve body; The setting of automatic compression inner seal mechanism eliminates the internal leakage caused by static compression permanent deformation and wear of the inner seal; Refrigerant Ball Valve has the characteristics of reasonable design and novel structure.

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Product Description

SANHENG is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of SBV-28S/35S/42S/54S Refrigerant Ball Valve. The use of ball valves is very crucial in refrigeration equipment. The following are the main reasons for using ball valves:

Automated control

Refrigeration equipment usually requires precise temperature control and pressure regulation. Refrigerant Ball Valves are used as a control element to enable precise regulation of the flow and pressure of refrigeration fluids through automated control systems. This helps to ensure that the equipment operates under optimum conditions, increasing its energy efficiency and stability.


Maintenance of Refrigerant Ball Valve is relatively simple and easy. Due to their simple structure, ball valves are less prone to mechanical failure and can operate stably for long periods of time. In addition, ball valves are relatively easy to disassemble and clean, and can be cleaned and lubricated by rotating the spool, which extends the service life of the valve.

Adjustment of system load

Refrigeration equipment in the operation process needs to constantly adjust the system load to adapt to different needs. As a regulating element, the Refrigerant Ball Valve can control the flow and pressure of the refrigeration fluid by changing the opening of the valve port, thus realizing the adjustment of the system load. This helps to ensure stable operation of the equipment and reduce energy waste.

To summarize, the main reasons for the use of ball valves in refrigeration equipment are their functions of automated control, maintenance and regulation of system load. These features make Refrigerant Ball Valves ideal for refrigeration equipment and improve the performance and stability of the equipment.

1. No pressure drop in flow.

2. From fully open to fully closed the valve is only a quarter turn, the valve is fully open and fully closed with a rotational limitation.

3. The marking on the top of the handle indicates whether the valve is fully open or fully closed.

4. Bi-directional mobility, that is, the valve installation and pipeline liquid flow direction is independent of.

5. Refrigerant Ball Valves are designed to prevent internal liquid storage.

In. Mm.
SBV-6S 1/4” 6.35 2.0
SBV-10S 3/8” 9.52 5.7
SBV-12S 1/2” 12.9 10.6
SBV-16S 5/8” 15.8 14.1
SBV-19S 3/4” 19.2 20.4
SBV-22S 7/8” 22.2 28.2
SBV-28S 1-1/8” 28.5 52.0
SBV-35S 1-3/8” 34.9 80.9
SBV-42S 1-5/8” 41.3 121
SBV-54S 2-1/8” 54.0 225
SBV-67S 2-5/8” 66.7 246
SBV-79S 3-1/8” 79.4 223

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