Evaporator Pressure Regulator
  • Evaporator Pressure RegulatorEvaporator Pressure Regulator
  • Evaporator Pressure RegulatorEvaporator Pressure Regulator
  • Evaporator Pressure RegulatorEvaporator Pressure Regulator
  • Evaporator Pressure RegulatorEvaporator Pressure Regulator
  • Evaporator Pressure RegulatorEvaporator Pressure Regulator

Evaporator Pressure Regulator

SANHENG quality SKVP Evaporator Pressure Regulator in stock. The SKVP evaporator pressure regulator is installed on the suction line at the back of the evaporator and is used for:
1. Maintain a constant evaporation pressure to ensure a constant evaporator surface temperature. The control of the regulator is adjustable by throttling in the suction line so that the flow of refrigerant matches the load of the evaporator.
2. Prevent the evaporation pressure from being too low (for example, prevent the evaporator from freezing in the chiller). The regulator closes when the evaporator pressure is below the set value.
3. The SKVP regulator can also be used in refrigeration systems with two or more evaporators with different evaporation pressures for one compressor.

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Product Description

The SKVP Evaporator Pressure Regulator is installed in the suction line after the evaporator and is used to regulate the evaporating pressure in a refrigeration system containing one or more evaporators and a compressor. In such refrigeration systems (operating at different evaporating pressures), the SKVP is installed after the evaporator with the highest evaporating pressure. Each evaporator is activated by a solenoid valve in the liquid line. Each compressor is controlled by a pressure switch in the suction function. The maximum pressure on the suction side corresponds to the lowest room temperature. In refrigeration systems with parallel coupled evaporators and common compressors requiring the same evaporating pressure, the SKVP Evaporator Pressure Regulator must be installed in the common suction line.

SANHENG SKVP-12/15/22/28/35 Evaporator Pressure Regulator can be used in a single evaporator or in more than two evaporator systems. When more than two evaporators with different evaporation temperatures are used in parallel, the compressor takes the lowest evaporation temperature as the operating basis, and the throttle effect of the regulator on the suction pipe makes the flow of the refrigerant match the load of the evaporator, so as to achieve different evaporation temperatures of different evaporators. Therefore, the SKVP Evaporator Pressure Regulator is widely used in freezing and refrigeration equipment. In addition, the SKVP evaporation pressure adjustment is also used in the chiller, which can prevent the freezing water temperature from being too low, prevent the evaporation pressure from being too low, and avoid the freezing crack of the evaporator in the chiller.

How is it adjusted and set? SKVP-12/15/22/28/35 Evaporator Pressure Regulator: The SKVP Evaporative Pressure Regulators are factory set at 2 bar. Clockwise rotation will provide higher pressure and counterclockwise rotation will provide lower pressure. The system will require fine tuning after a period of normal operation. Always use a manometer when making fine adjustments and if the KVP is used for frost protection, the fine adjustment must be made with the system running at minimum load. Remember that the protective cap on the set screw must be replaced after the final setting is completed.

Model Nominal Refrigerating Capacity (KW) flare ODF
R22 R134a R404A/R507 R407C in mm in mm
SKVP12 4.0 2.8 3.6 3.7 1/2 12 1/2 12
SKVP15 4.0 2.8 3.6 3.7 5/8 16 5/8 16
SKVP22 4.0 2.8 3.6 3.7 7/8 22
SKVP28 8.6 6.1 7.7 7.9 11/8 28
SKVP35 8.6 6.1 7.7 7.9
13/8 35

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