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Air conditioning refrigeration system, the function of the liquid mirror, how to check the system through the liquid mirror


In air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, liquid refrigerants are usually installed in the liquid line, through a transparent wide-angle lens to observe the refrigerant liquid level and flow conditions, through the lens center indicator color changes, check the water content in the refrigerant.

Application of liquid-vision Goggles in refrigeration systems:

1. Install in the refrigerant liquid pipeline, observe the refrigerant flow and gas-liquid phase change, and detect the water vapor content in the refrigerant.

2. Install on the return line to check the flow of oil from the oil separator.

The visual liquid mirror is usually installed on the high-pressure liquid pipe from the back of the condenser to the front of the expansion valve, and is usually installed on the back end of the drying filter, also check the working condition of the drying filter, including whether the moisture content after drying meets the requirements, and whether the drying filter is blocked after running for a period of time.

When viewing refrigerants through a liquid scope, only the liquid flows when the refrigerant is suitable, and there are no or only a few white bubbles. When there are a lot of bubbles in the pipe, the system may have the following problems:

1, the whole system of the refrigerant dose is insufficient to lead to the high-pressure side pressure reduction, or the refrigerant in the condenser undercooling is insufficient, so that the liquid refrigerant through the pipeline resistance loss, easy to flash as a gas due to pressure drop.

2, drying filter pressure drop is too large, may be blocked, resulting in liquid refrigerant because of the pressure drop and flashing gas.

Check the core indicator in the middle of the liquid scope, according to the reference color around the liquid scope, can detect the humidity of the refrigerant.

Usually when the core indicator is green, the water vapor content in the refrigerant is safe, and the indicator is yellow, the water vapor content in the system is too high.

According to the above-mentioned functional characteristics of the liquid-vision goggles, the liquid-vision goggles are also often used in the auxiliary judgment of refrigerant charging. When the amount of refrigerant is insufficient, a large number of bubbles can be observed in the LM. With the gradual reduction of the bubble, experienced personnel can determine when the refrigerant charge is basically up to the requirements.

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