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Refrigeration Viewing Mirror

Chinese manufacturer Refrigeration Viewing Mirror. It’s an instrument designed for the purpose of troubleshooting, maintenance and safe operation by observing the appearance and state of liquid. When the refrigeration unit is running, the liquid-viewing mirror will change with the temperature and the corresponding physical reaction, so as to show whether the liquid contains water or other impurities. If the color of the liquid Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is found to have obvious changes, it means that the liquid contains too much water or other substances, which need to be dealt with in time. Therefore, the Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit is one of the important tools.

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Product Description

SANHENG is a China-based factory of Refrigeration Viewing Mirror. Moisture color scale description in the installation, moisture indication discoloration may be light pink (yellow), that is due to the absorption of the outside air, when installed in the refrigeration and air conditioning system, if the refrigerant moisture in the permissible range, then the discoloration circle becomes blue (green), but it takes about 10 hours of equilibrium: If more than 10 small fashion does not become blue (green), you need to look for the cause or replacement of the drying Filter. The wet/dry indicator rings are calibrated to parts per million of water content for all refrigerants.

Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is a refrigeration unit in an auxiliary component, installed in the refrigeration system on the liquid pipe, generally installed in the filter drier downstream, Refrigeration Viewing Mirror and pipeline connection is divided into threaded and welded connections, threaded connections have external threads and bell nut connections, and welded connections we should pay special attention to the welded connection, pay attention to the welding of cooling, in order to avoid high temperature burned out of the Refrigeration Viewing Mirror of the moisture indicator. The function of the Refrigeration Viewing Mirror is to show whether there is refrigerant in the refrigeration system, detect whether there is water vapor in the refrigerant.
The color indicator in the Refrigeration Viewing Mirror shows the water vapor content:
Green: no dangerous level of water vapor in the refrigerant.
Yellow: too much water vapor in the liquid line in front of the expansion valve.
If bubbles are seen through the sight glass, it means that there is one or more of the following conditions: 1. Too high a pressure drop in the filter drier, probably due to blockage.
2.Insufficient subcooling.
3.Insufficient refrigerant in the whole system.
Therefore, we can see by the color indicator and the presence or absence of bubbles whether there is water vapor or not. So, we can use the color indicator and whether there are bubbles to quickly determine what problems occur in the refrigeration system, and quickly solve the refrigeration system problems.

SAE /In. SAE /Mm.
SG-2N 1/4” 6.35
SG-3N 3/8” 9.52
SG-4N 1/2” 12.9
SG-5N 5/8” 15.8
SG-6N 3/4” 19.2
SG-2S 1/4” 6.35
SG-3S 3/8” 9.52
SG-4S 1/2” 12.9
SG-5S 5/8” 15.8
SG-6S 3/4” 19.2

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