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Refrigeration Screw Compressor

A Refrigeration Screw Compressor made in China is a key component that drives the entire system by converting thermal energy into mechanical energy.
1.Principle of operation: The refrigerant absorbs heat and expands during compression, creating a pressure differential. This process pushes the piston to move and drives the fan to rotate, moving air and cooling objects in the room.

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2.Types and Applications: There are two main types of compressors: single-stage and multi-stage. Single-stage compressors are used in small domestic air-conditioning systems, while multi-stage compressors are used in large commercial air-conditioning systems. In addition, there are also different types of compressors such as inverter and centrifugal compressors. 3.Maintenance: Regularly check the working condition of the compressor, including lubricant level, temperature and vibration. Attention should also be paid to cleaning the filters and exhaust ports to ensure good ventilation. 4. Safety precautions: Ensure safe operating procedures when using the compressor to avoid overuse or overloading. In addition, the compressor should also be avoided by impact or high temperature environment. In conclusion, the Refrigeration Screw Compressor is vital to maintaining a comfortable environment. Understanding its basic structure and principles as well as how to properly maintain and service it can effectively extend its life and reduce unnecessary downtime.

China Refrigeration Screw Compressor is the core energy-consuming components of the refrigeration system to improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system is the most direct and effective means to improve the efficiency of the compressor, which will bring about a significant reduction in system energy consumption.
According to the mechanical classification is divided into four major categories, volumetric, screw type, variable displacement, fixed displacement.

1.Volumetric compressors rely on changes in the volume of the working chamber to realize the process of suction, compression and discharge. Belong to this type of compressor are reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor. Speed type compressor is to rely on high-speed rotation of the T for I1 wheel on the steam work, the pressure rises, and to complete the task of transporting steam. Belonging to this type of compressor are centrifugal and axial compressor, commonly used is the centrifugal compressor. It is more widely used, mature manufacturing technology, simple structure, and the processing of materials and processing technology requirements are lower, the cost is relatively low, adaptable, can adapt to a wide range of pressure and refrigeration capacity requirements, maintainability.
2.Refrigeration Screw Compressor is a rotary type volumetric compressor. It utilizes changes in the volume and position of the teeth and grooves of the screw to accomplish the process of suction, compression, and discharge of vapors. Oil-free screw compressors were introduced in the 1930s and were mainly used to compress air. Later, the cylinder oil-injected Refrigeration Screw Compressor appeared, performance has been improved, oil-injected screw compressor has been one of the main types of refrigeration compressors. Refrigeration Screw Compressor is divided into two categories of twin-screw and single screw, twin-screw compressor is customarily referred to as Refrigeration Screw Compressor.
3.The variable displacement compressor can automatically adjust the power output according to the set temperature. The air conditioning control system does not collect the temperature signal of the evaporator m-air outlet, but controls the compressor's compression ratio according to the signal of the pressure change in the air conditioning pipeline so as to adjust the temperature of the m-air outlet automatically. In the whole process of refrigeration, the compressor is always working, and the adjustment of the refrigeration intensity relies entirely on the pressure regulating valve installed inside the compressor to control. When the pressure at the high pressure end of the air conditioning pipeline is too high, the pressure regulator valve to shorten the piston stroke in the compressor to reduce the compression ratio, which will reduce the intensity of refrigeration. When the pressure at the high-pressure end drops to a certain level and the pressure at the low-pressure end rises to a certain level, the pressure regulating valve increases the piston stroke to increase the refrigeration intensity.
4.The exhaust volume of v is increased proportionally with the increase of the engine speed, it can not automatically change the power loss according to the demand of refrigeration, and the influence of the engine fuel consumption is relatively large. Its control is generally realized by collecting the temperature signal from the evaporator outlet, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working; when the temperature rises, the compressor starts T two work. Fixed displacement compressor is also controlled by the pressure of the air conditioning system, when the pressure in the pipeline is too high, the compressor stops working.

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