Thermal Expansion Valves

You can rest assured to buy Sanheng Thermal Expansion Valves from our factory. This thermal expansion valve has a wide evaporation temperature range and is equipped with an optimal maximum operating pressure (MOP) function to prevent damage to the compressor motor due to excessive evaporation pressure. Its internal and external equalizer design effectively eliminates the impact of evaporator pressure loss on performance. It also has a unique membrane structure invention patent, which significantly improves low-temperature operating performance. The valve cover adopts a secondary sealing structure, which reduces the risk of external leakage. It is also equipped with filter holes to facilitate storage, matching and maintenance. The thermostat uses hybrid charging technology to ensure excellent superheat characteristics over the entire evaporation temperature range.
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  • SANHENG manufacturers SHR(E) series Thermal Expansion Valves For Industrial Use made in China. It’s an important refrigeration equipment component used to regulate the compressor discharge to suit different temperature and pressure conditions. It achieves the purpose of regulating refrigerant flow and controlling refrigeration system pressure by controlling the superheat of the evaporator. In non-full liquid evaporators, thermal expansion valves are usually used in conjunction with throttling devices for precise control and optimisation. It has a wide range of applications, Thermal Expansion Valves For Industrial Use is suitable for various types of industrial applications, such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as in air-conditioning systems, heating systems and hot water circulation systems. It can be adapted to different fluid media and environmental conditions required for regulation and control.

Sanheng is a professional Thermal Expansion Valves manufacturer and supplier in China, known for its excellent service and reasonable prices. As a factory, we can produce high-quality Thermal Expansion Valves. Our products not only come with discounts but also offer cheap prices. We can also provide you with a price list. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable, long-term business partner!
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