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lectronic Expansion Valve

Chinese factory SANHENG Electronic Expansion Valve in stock. It’s mainly used in refrigeration and freezing systems to achieve automatic adjustment of refrigerant flow. When LPF series electronic expansion valves are completely closed, the leakage in the system is low, and the effect is equal to that of solenoid valves. Therefore, LPF series electronic expansion valves can completely replace solenoid valves in refrigeration and freezing, saving installation space and cost.The use of Electronic Expansion Valve improves the energy efficiency of inverter compressors, enables rapid temperature regulation and improves the seasonal energy efficiency of the system.

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Product Description

SANHENG is a China-based factory of Electronic Expansion Valve. The Electronic Expansion Valve is a speed type, which is used in intelligent control inverter type air conditioners. The advantages of electronic expansion valves are: large flow rate adjustment range; high control accuracy; suitable for intelligent control; and can be applied to rapid changes in refrigerant flow rate with high efficiency.The opening of the Electronic Expansion Valve can be adapted to the speed of the compressor, so that the amount of refrigerant delivered by the compressor can be matched with the amount of liquid supplied by the valve, so that the capacity of the evaporator can be maximised and the optimal control of the refrigeration system can be achieved.
Advantages of Electronic Expansion Valve:
1)Wide range of flow rate adjustment;
2)High control precision;
3)Suitable for intelligent control;
4)Can be applied to rapid changes in refrigerant flow with high efficiency.

·Unidirectional flow, low internal leakage when the valve is closed, the effect is equivalent to a solenoid valve for oil-free systems.(Excluding SLPF 45-62)
·Inlet tube with built-in filter.(Excluding SLPF 45-62)
·Withstands 9MPa working pressure, suitable for CO, system suitable for controllers.

General Specification:

Fully open pulse: 500
Open Valve Pulse: 32±20

MODEL Medium temperature
Ambient temperature
SLPF 03~32 -40℃/+70℃ -40℃/+60℃
SLPF 45~62 -40℃/+70℃ -40℃/+60℃
SLPF 03T~32T -40℃/+70℃ -40℃/+60℃

Relative Humidity: 95%RH

Orderiong Code

MODEL Max. working pressure Max. working differential pressure
SLPF 03~32 42bar 35bar
SLPF 45~62 49bar 35bar
SLPF 03T~24T 90bar 50bar
SLPF 30T~32T 90bar 35bar

Electrical Function:

Rated voltage: 12VDC(±10%), rectangular wave.
Action method: 4 phase 8 beat permanent magnet stepper motor, direct action type.
Exciting Type: 1-2 Phase excitation, single pole drive.

MODEL Excitation speed Min. action time from fully open to fully closed
SLPF 03~32 30~90pps 6s@90pps
SLPF 45~62 30~40pps 13s@40pps
SLPF 03T~32T 30~90pps 6s@90pps

Coil current: 260mA/ phase (20℃)
Coil resistance: 46±3.7Ω/ phase (20℃)
Coil insulation class: E
Protection level: IP67

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