Split Thermal Expansion Valve

Split Thermal Expansion Valve

Chinese manufacture SANHENG TE5 series Split Thermal Expansion Valve in stock. It’s used to regulate the supply of liquid refrigerant to the evaporator. The supply is controlled by means of the superheat of the refrigerant. This valve is therefore particularly suitable for the supply of liquid refrigerant in dry evaporators, since the refrigerant superheat at the outlet of the dry evaporator is proportional to the load of the evaporator.

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Product Description

SANHENG is a China-based factory of TE5 series Split Thermal Expansion Valve. It is a split unit for controlling the evaporating pressure and temperature in a refrigeration system. TE5 series Split Thermal Expansion Valve with a high-precision control function, the refrigerant flow rate can be adjusted according to the actual demand, so as to achieve precise control of the temperature of the evaporator and condenser. This is important to ensure stable operation of the system and improve energy utilisation. The factory pays attention to quality control and material selection during the manufacturing process to ensure the high reliability of TE5 series Split Thermal Expansion Valve. It can work stably for a long time in various harsh environments and has a long service life.
The balanced orifice design prevents fluctuations through the valve pressure drop and provides good control in a wide range of fluctuating air conditioning applications.
Balanced ports are recommended for the following refrigeration and air conditioning system applications:
1) The head fluctuates greatly;
2) The evaporator load fluctuates greatly;
3) Large fluctuation of pressure drop through expansion valve;
4) Liquid pipe temperature fluctuation or too low;
5) Intermittent flash in liquid pipe.

Wide range of evaporating temperatures:

②Suitable for freezing refrigeration and air-conditioning units.

Stainless steel actuator, capillary tube and temperature sensing package:

1. High corrosion resistance ;)
2. High strength and vibration resistance.
3. Easy installation: self-correcting temperature packages.
4. Good heat transfer effect.

interchangeable flow port components:

1. Easier to stock.
2. Easier to match capacity.
3. Easier maintenance.

refrigerant N-series
The evaporation temperature t at the MOP point. And evaporation pressure p
+15℃/+60F 0℃/+32°F -10℃/+15°F -20℃ /+-4°F
R22 7.0bar/101 psig 4.0bar/57.5psig 2.6bar/37.8psig 1.4bar/20.9psig
R134a 4.0bar/57.4psig 1.9bar/27.8psig 1.0bar/15.0psig
R404A/R507 8.6bar/124psig 5.0bar/72.4psig 3.4bar/49.1psig 2.0bar/29.0psig
R407C 6.5bar/94.3psig

Model pressure-equalizing pipe capillary product code
1/4 in./6mm m No M O P MOP+15℃ MOP +O℃ MOP +O℃ No M O P MOP-20℃
SHRTEX 5 Ext.¹) 3 087B3250 087B3267 087B3249 087B3253 087B3263 087B3251
SHRTEX 12 Ext. 3 087B3210 087B3227 087B3207 087B3213
SHRTEX 13 Ex 5 087B3209

3 087B3274 087B3286 087B3273 087B3275
SHRTEX 20 Ex 5 087B3290

SHRTEX 55 Ext.2) 3 087G3205 087G3220 087G3206

SHRTEX 55 Ext.²) 5 087G3209


Nominal cooling capacity N series
40~+10℃   kW
Nominal cooling capacity B series
-60 ~-25℃ kW
Flow port number product code
SHRTEX 5-3 19.7 11.9 01 087B2089
SHRTEX 5-4.5 26.9 16.7 02 087B2090
SHRTEX 5-7.5 38.8 24.8 03 087B2091
SHRTEX 5-12 55.3 35.4 04 087B2092
SHRTEX 12-4.5 26.8 17.2 01 087B2005
SHRTEX 12-7.5 43.4 28.2 02 087B2006
SHRTEX 12-12 64.0 41.4 03 087B2007
SHRTEX 12-18 84.4 55.9 04 087B2008
SHRTEX 20-30 108.1 70.0 01 087B2172
SHRTEX 55-50 239.0 148.0 01 087G2005
SHRTEX 55-85 356.0 228.0 02 087G2006

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